For over a thousand years, the nation of Ibia has been the bulwark of Mederlund's civilization. Her shining Knights were the vanguard in the ancient war against the Dark Prince, and in the centuries that passed, those stalwart warriors have kept the peace. Sort of. In the last generation, King Barderburr employed the Knights of Ibia in a series of disastrous wars, and those who survived are the dregs of chivalry. Ibia itself is bankrupt; her capital -- once dubbed the "Shining City" -- is overrun with slums and refugees. Bandits rob at will throughout the countryside, checked only by mercenary sell-swords and greedy heroes that seem little better than the brigands they combat. All said, no one is particularly happy with this state of affairs, except, perhaps, a certain almost-forgotten evil who has patiently bidden his time, waiting for the right moment to reemerge from his Crystal Prison.

The Bazaar

Ibia's famed Bazaar is full of traders hawking wares of dubious quality. To the hero with a careful eye, however, there are servicible second-hand weapons and armor to be had. And the stores are always willing to buy -- at a steep discount, of course.

The Forge

During the boom days of the Tartaran Wars, the finest blacksmiths in the world congregated in Ibia to sell their weapons and armor to the Knights. Now, with the royal coffers empty, these smiths are eager to find private customers willing to pay to have their gear forged into finer condition.

Potion Shoppe

With danger found on every country road and monsters howling in the forests, the market for healing potions, and sundry other magical nostrums, is booming. And Ibia's finest Potion Shoppe is simply THE spot for heroes to fill up their flasks.


In recent years, Ibians' love for blood-sports has reached a fever pitch, and any sucker foolish enough to try his luck in the arena is welcome. Despite the arena's danger, it is hard to resist the roar of the crowd and the clinking of coins.