The young hero Krugallus XLVII has been reared exclusively by his maternal uncle Jacob, a man with whose fondness for adventure stories was matched only by his fondness for corporal punishment. Jacob brought Krug up on a diet of mutton, cabbage, and tales of chivalry. Exactly why Jacob was tasked with raising the boy and why he loves cabbage so much is anyone's guess; the old man himself is rather evasive on the subject, and Krug is hardly an expert interrogator.
Of all the bandit chiefs ravaging Ibia's countryside, none is as notorious as Blorgash the Brigand. His reputation for violence and casual cruelty -- as well as his horrendous body odor -- has enabled him to terrorize not merely peasants but other bandits. As such, he maintains a measure of order and control over a large territory centered on the town of Sweetwater, forcing anyone within it to pay him a regular tithe.
Though he is only a poor elected official, the Mayor of Sweetwater has the unfortunate task of coping with the perfect storm of bandits pillaging the countryside, monsters emerging from the depths of the Mushroom Forest, and bungling heroes upsetting any possible equilibrium. Though well-intentioned, the harried Mayor wants nothing more than to rise to a more comfortable position such as, for example, second assistant weight calibrator for Ibia City.
Among the current drab contingent of broken-down warriors calling themselves Knights of Ibia, only their leader -- Captain Carbuncle -- shines like the heroes of old. He is a master swordsman of unmatched bravery and a connoisseur of fine mushrooms. Thanks to his glorious example, there is hope that a new generation of recruits may join the Knights and restore them to ther old glory.
Griselda the Fortune-Teller is famed on the carnival circuit as the finest reader of cards and hands in all of Ibia, perhaps all of Mederlund. Hailing originally from Tartara, she regards herself as a citizen of the world. Lately, she has given exclusively ominous portents, which has been terrible for her business and somewhat worrisome for astrology fans across the kingdom.
King Dramm is myopic, obese, and afflicted with dipsomania, gout, dropsy, and type 2 diabetes, the kind they were never able to cure. No one ever expected this third son of the warlike King Barderburr to wear the crown, but after his brothers died in the Tartaran wars and the old king dropped dead in shock, the laws of inheritance did their grim work. Heir to the bankrupt Ibian throne, Dramm has done his best -- given his utter lack of qualifications -- to maintain a semblance of order. His best, however, is totally inadequate to the task, and so he drowns his sorrows in food and drink.