Malicovia released!

Hello! And welcome to the pirate city-state of Malicovia!
Keep your gold close, and your weapons closer.

Chapter 2 marks a huge number of updates, bug fixes and balance changes.

Patch Notes - 9/28

Hello again! This patch focused mostly on bug fixes. Hopefully all the game breaking bugs have been addressed at this point!

Dev Journal #3 - Itemization

Developer journal, May 29th

Busy busy busy! Amazing how quickly days turn into weeks and weeks into.. well, more time than we promised you! At long last it's Developer journal #3: Itemization!

Alpha Live!

Hello everybody! We're proud to announce that the SideQuest alpha is officially live!

You can access it by logging in, and hitting the big shiny Play Now button!

Dev Journal #2 - Dungeons

Developer journal, May 7th

Salutations! Once again this is Connor Brennan, here to talk about one of SideQuest's end-game oriented features... Dungeons!

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