Patch - 3/20

Patch 1.0
This is the last major content patch before we enter open beta!

The main goal of this patch was to optimize the UI and loading process.

Patch Notes - 2/12

Patch 0.7.11

Patch - 1/24

Patch 0.6.58

Added the SideQuest Starter Pack! This is a one-time only offer which comes with an amazing discount!

Path Notes - 2/10

Patch 0.7.1:

Introducing Nova Paraceum.
This is the third and final chapter of the SideQuest saga.


Malicovia released!

Hello! And welcome to the pirate city-state of Malicovia!
Keep your gold close, and your weapons closer.

Chapter 2 marks a huge number of updates, bug fixes and balance changes.