Introducing: Battlefield

While SideQuest does indeed have an in-depth single player campaign with a host of unique content, today I want to talk about some of the multiplayer aspects found in the game. There are a variety of multi-player systems including dungeons, trading, card mini-games and PvP.

The focus of this article will be Battlefields.

Like the other types of synchronous PvP, Battlefields can be accessed from the PvP menu, and will track scores and ratings. Much like their asynchronous counter part, participating in synchronous PvP will reward you with Arena Points, which can be spent to purchase a variety of powerful items from the Arena Shop. Rating comes into play in two ways. First, the higher your rating the more Arena Points you will get per match, and second the most powerful of Arena Shop Items will require you to have a certain rating in order to purchase them. We feel that this method gives the best balance between being able to farm gear, and requiring player skill.

Battlefields are the most massive of the synchronous PvP play-styles, with huge 9v9 player battles. The fighting itself is split up into 5 distinct stages. The teams will wrestle for control over this 5 points, and once capture they will periodically provide points to your team. Furthermore, capturing a stage causes nearby stages to be effected by a global buff which gives your team an edge in combat. This creates a need for teamwork and strategy.

Finally, we also have plans to modify the basic Battlefield system to provide a forum for epic Guild vs Guild combat.

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