Dev. Journal #1 - Main Quests

Developer journal, April 29th

Hello again!This is Connor Brennan from Fractal Entertainment, and today I want to talk about what I feel is one of SideQuest's most exciting features.. Quests!

For those of you who are familiar with the browser game genre, you might be rolling your eyes right now going "Oh great.. more phoned in bear-ass collecting quests". I'm here to tell you to remove your cloak of cynicalism + 5... it's time to drink the Kool-aid!

There are a few different types of quests found in SideQuest, I'll discuss each - and it's design philosophy separately.

Today let's talk about Main Quests.

Main Quests make up the core story element of SideQuest. These quests are unique and content oriented, with custom art, custom game mechanics and sometimes even full blown mini-games. There are no limitations of WHEN the player can challenge a Main Quest, however, players will need to level and gear up in order to complete the harder quests.

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