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The SideQuest Wiki is up and running!

We are currently looking for people willing to make pages, fill in tables, and add overviews and details to existing pages. The wiki is fairly new, so for now the main focus is on getting the tables and information ready for the public, and after that, we can start to expand on that information and make all the pages look more aesthetically pleasing. Thanks for any and all help you provide!

Also, remember to make a wikia account before you begin editing!

Please check the next post for current projects. These are our current focuses before we begin working on more creative endeavors.

Alternatively, click here to view the projects page on the wiki

How to contact me specifically:
  • PM or message SilskeOfGH on Kongregate
  • Send a mail to Silske in SideQuest
  • Message DefenderJ on the Wiki
  • Current Projects
  • Project CardSlayers
  • Project Equipment has been completed!

    Project Helmet Enchantments and Project Locked Chest added
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